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        Welcome to Inner Mongolia Baiyanhu Chemical Co.,Ltd. Website!
        Hot Products: CALCIUM CARBIDE(CaC2)
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        Molecular formula:CaC2

        It's a kind of raw material of organic chemical industry , and can produce acetylene gas for rubber ,synthetic fiber and plastic industry , also for cutting and welding of metal .
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        Inner Mongolia Baiyanhu Chemical Limited Liability Company is a private enterprise engaged in calcium carbide manufacturing. It is located in Chahar Right Back Banner of Ulanqab in Inner Mongolia. It was founded in July, 1990 and was put into operation in July, 1992. And it was reformed into private company in 2000. In 2010, it completed technical improvement of 11 sets of internal combustion engine type calcium carbide furnace at various specifications. At present, there are 10 sets of 40500KVA full seal calcium carbide furnace. Meanwhile it is equipped with 4 sets of gas burning lime kiln and other auxiliary production equipment taking calcium carbide furnace tail gas as fuel. Its annual production is 800,000 tons of calcium carbide. Annual sales revenues are over 1.7 billion Yuan. Total assets are more than 1.3 billion Yuan. There are over 1450 staffs.   
        40500KVA full seal calcium carbide furnace and gas burning lime kiln are domestic most advanced equipment. There is professional technique as well. It is state promoted energy saving technique. Compare with traditional internal combustion engine type calcium carbide furnace, it can reduce power consumption by 300 kilowatt hour /ton, reduce tail gas by 10,000 Nm3. In 2013, our company as pointed as leading unit in calcium carbide industry by China Petroleum And Chemical Industry Federation.

        In over 20 years of development, we lay emphasis not only in technical innovation and manufacturing management, but also in culture cultivation. Our tenet is “good faith, sincere service, staff esteemed and social feedback”.


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